Turismo Cultural Collage Assignment



·         A collage is a work of art that combines various materials to create a composition with visual unity.

·         You may use a variety of materials from scraps of wallpaper to dried flowers.Magazines, newspapers, and photographs are commonly used, but the more creatively you use mixed media, the more inventive and intriguing your collage tends to be.

·         Remember that art is the playground of free expression.

·         Almost every work of art traces a concept and seeks unity of composition.In other words, artists are trying to exhibit some idea or communicate certain feelings.Your work of art is the vehicle for this idea or concept, insight or emotion.

·         Be conscious of the overall effect you hope to achieve and the dominant impression you wish to impart.Emphasis is important and can be expressed in a variety of ways using a variety of techniques.Think elements of composition and design here.How might color or size or juxtaposition or repetition emphasize an idea or theme?

·         Ultimately, only you can tell how to best express your concept.

·         Visual art is music to the eyes, so make it dance.Think about how you might provide a rhythm to the work through the use of positive and negative space as well as size and color.How do the lines work?What shapes are created?How does one thing interrelate with another?How have you organized the overall composition?

·         Make your collage dance to the beat of your own drum and reflect your own personal identity/worldview, and do all of this within the context of how you are shaped by culture and experience.Think deeply about who you are and how you got to be the way you are.Think about how you go about being in the world and of the people, places, things, and ideas that have influenced you.

·         You may use any media you choose from newspaper on posterboard to multimedia, such as video, Powerpoint or other animated slide show software, Flash, webpage, etc.For multimedia creative projects, you have a time limit of 3 minutes or the length of one song (as long as it doesn’t exceed 7 minutes).

Ask yourself:

Ø      What is it that makes me a unique individual?

Ø      What do I like to do?

Ø      What are my core values and goals?

Ø      What words and images reflect my views on life and the things I care deeply about?

Ø      What is the central focus of my life?

Ø      Who am I?

Ø      How have people, experiences, and places shaped me?

Ø      What/Who are the threads that weave the fabric of your life?

Ø      What’s my keenest insight?highest wisdom?deepest belief? truest face?

Ø      What symbols best represent my true self?

Ø      Think of the Egyptian belief in 5 bodies:physical, mental, spiritual (ka=soul / ba=personality), emotional, magical.

Planning the composition:

v      Ask several people who know you well and whom you trust to give you 10 words that describe who you truly are & weave these into your composition/design.

v      Collect objects, images, and text.

v      Get philosophical & surrender to the creative process.

v      Apply composition and design principles.

v      Unity:does everything work together?

v      Color:dominance, balance, blending, contrast, complementary, etc.

v      Texture:implied or literal (mixing media adds texture)

v      Shape/form: overall and compartmental:2-d (length + width), 3-d (length + width + depth) , 4-d (length + width + depth + movement/time)?

v      Line:used to create rhythm and express emotion (Typically, a grid provides stability whereas a diagonal line implies slippage or uncertainty; a spiral intimates dynamic flow and seems to move both inward and outward simultaneously.)

v      Rhythm:established through patterns and the interplay of compositional elements.

v      Positive/Negative space:Does the background provide context or contrast?What is emphasized as the subject matter of the work?

Written Component :When you present your collage to the class, you must also submit to me a 200-300 word paper describing your concept and explaining the subtext. (Include word count.)

NOTE: Please type this paper on a separate sheet of paper (& don't affix it to the project itself).

1.      Include a discussion of what you are trying to express and the 10 words you've woven into the artwork.

2.      Provide a succinct yet thorough explanation of how you applied the elements of composition and principles of design to visually express your ideas, your theme, your use of symbolism, etc.

3.      Explain what you hope the viewer will come to understand about you by looking at your creation.


[                  2-3 minute oral presentation of your work of art with an additional 3-4 minutes for your creative component should you choose to go for the creativity bonus points (see below for details).

[                  You may earn up to 5bonus points by adding a creative performance element to your presentation: write/recite a poem (simply reading someone else's poem will not earn you any points), play an instrument, dance, etc.

[                  What you include in this oral presentation should focus on form & process (how you achieved your finished composition, how you applied the elements of composition and design, how you used symbols, humor, irony, etc.) rather than content (what pictures and words you used).

[                  Explain what message(s) you were trying to convey and how you played out your concept.

[                  Your presentation must address how you used the elements of composition and design.


[                  Work presented on the due date will automatically receive a 50 or higher.

[                  You will be graded on various criteria:

1.      originality

2.      expression of your concept visually, orally, and in your written explication of your work

3.      time expenditure

4.      use of elements of composition and principles of design

5.      how well you expressed your theme and concept

[                  Your creative project must be submitted at the beginning of the designated class period, and late projects will NOT be accepted. "Get out of jail free cards" can NOT be used for this assignment unless otherwise granted permission due to mitigating circumstances that would constitute an excused absence (see syllabus for details).

[                  Up to 5 bonus points will be awarded for added creativity in presentation, i.e. playing guitar or singing, dancing or reciting poetry, etc.

[                  Once all of the collages have been presented, the class will vote for "Best of Show," which will receive 10 bonus points and will be entered into an art showcase of humanities students' creative projects that will be held the last Friday before final exam week at the Spring Creek campus atrium. (No voting for oneself.)           

Project: Compose a collage that uses South or Central American pictures, news and words to illustrate and narrate a story about the culture you choose to portray.

After the students create a collage to illustrate and narrate a story of their chosen country he/she will be able to discuss and explain a culture comfortably. 

Students will also be able to educate us in the country they have chosen and its culture in Spanish.

General Information:

Grade: High School

Subject: Spanish (Art could work too, if you replace the Spanish with English)

Unit: Countries

Topic: Cultures





·Rubber Cement, glue, decoupage

·Pictures from the country

·Spanish Words


·News Papers

·Paint, pencils, markers

·Anything you might want to use in the collage


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