Aquarius Advertising Agency Case Study Summary

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Ase study on organizational structure

Change and Culture Case Study. The following is a discussion on organization of a middle healthcare organization that has emerged with a previous competitor. In this discussion, the paper attempts to establish the impact of sale on the culture of the new combined organization, evaluate strategies to ensure unity amongst the employees, as well as describing the organization in terms of systems and shapes.

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BMW Entrepreneurial Structure

People "at BMW have the freedom to get things done. No one is limited by excessive bureaucracy. Department managers have the ability to decide without a committee. They have the ability to move fast. It's a competitive advantage. This has become increasingly pronounced at BMW" (O'Connell, 2003)

8 pages (2000 words)Case Study

Volunteering Organization

The Society was founded by Mother M. Teresa, M.C. in Calcutta, India, and now has houses on every continent and in most of the countries of the world. Their particular mission is to labour for the salvation and the sanctification of the poorest of the poor all over the world.

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Organization Performance

Organization performance is defined as a broad theoretical construct that encompasses those activities that organizations perform such as production, customer care and coordination and interaction with other business entities. Thus the strategic process of organizational performance is characterized by such dimensions as productivity or efficiency, customer satisfaction, customers' brand loyalty, employee satisfaction, quality management, supply chain management, value chain, VRIO applications and domain control (Alexander, 2006).

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Organization Diversification

The four functions of Besix Construction Company and its management, planning, organizing and its control is through the Besix Group that owns this company. The Besix Group consists of a number of companies actively involved in Belgium and internationally in the sectors of construction and real estate.

2 pages (500 words)Case Study

Incident Command Structure

This research project was conducted using descriptive research methodology. Research questions addressed the following: (a) How are other fire districts within Florida coping with reduced staffing issues as it relates to the requirements of an Incident Command Structure (b) What other industries possess skill sets similar to emergency response and damage assessment whose people could easily be trained and merged into an incident command structure (c) What knowledge base or experience levels are needed to perform efficiently as it relates to risk assessments (d) What methods are available to fund training for non-emergency personal to perform the needed duties of damage assessments (e) What

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Charity Organization

The study will focus on the ActionAid organization; the approach in the development of people internationally will be presented. This is an organization that works by utilising local partners in the fight to end poverty.

12 pages (3000 words)Case Study

Organisational Choices Structure

Jurgen simplified and reorganized the complex structure to focus on power and automations as the core global divisions, a strategy that saw its innovation technological and market

4 pages (1000 words)Case Study

(business law)organization and financial structure of corporations

R&F breached the contract and Sivers claimed that Rose was liable because he ought to have been informed of the corporation’s status at the time of the contract. Rose and a co-director however testified that they believed the organization was

2 pages (500 words)Case Study

Organization behavior

A better job design can make work less monotonous and more interesting by using techniques such as job rotations. In this scenario, the employees would have to rotate their functions from time to time to avoid the monotony. The way people reflect on issues is very

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Cases for Analysis ~ Aquarius Advertising Agency

690 WordsDec 19th, 20103 Pages

1. Analyze Aquarius with respect to the five contextual variables. How would you describe the environment, goals, culture, size, and technology for Aquarius? ANSWER: Aquarius is a middle-sized firm operating in a relatively unstable environment, particularly because in the industry it was common to lose or gain clients quickly because of consumer behavior changes or product innovation, sometimes with no advance warning. The technology is predominantly nonroutine because of the emphasis on creativity and art. The structure is functional with full-time integrators who provide horizontal linkage. The goals of the firm are to be creative and to satisfy customers. 2. Design a new organization…show more content…

Why or why not? ANSWER: To determine whether a matrix structure is feasible now, or will be feasible in the future, students should examine the requirements for a matrix. Is there a dual domain competitive issue? Perhaps, in this case. Service and creativity require technical competence within each function, and yet at the same time, effective coordination across functions. Is the environment uncertain? Overall, there is potential for rapid environmental change. The environment of an advertising agency is not as uncertain, and does not have as great a potential for instability as the environment of computer chip manufacturers, but nevertheless the environment is relatively uncertain. Customers change agencies frequently, and employees drift from agency to agency. New developments and techniques occur in the industry's technology. Is there a need to share resources across project or product lines? Yes, one of the problems of moving to a hybrid structure with account executives serving as the focus of line authority is the tremendous duplication of functional resources. Unless an agency is extremely large, it cannot afford to have separate teams of art, copy, merchandising, media, and research specialists for every account executive. This is an example of the need for shared resources that typifies a matrix structure. Thus a matrix structure might be feasible for Aquarius Advertising. But in this situation, matrix is not the

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