Ibn Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship Essay

Turkish Government
Bachelors Degree

Deadline: 19 May 2014 (annual)
Study in:  Turkey
Course starts September 2014

Brief description:

Türkiye Scholarships Undergraduate Programmes are full government funded programmes for successful international students from all over the world for postgraduate studies in Turkey. The scholarship programmes are:

– Regional Undergraduate Scholarship Programmes

– Ibn-i Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship Programme

– Yunus Emre Turkish Language Scholarship Programme

– Islamic Theology Scholarship Programme

Candidates can apply only one scholarship programme in accordance with their educational background and academic goals.

Host Institution(s):

Recognized Universities in Turkey

Fields of study:

The scholarships cover a wide range of fields of study.  Most programmes in Turkish universities are instructed in Turkish. However, some departments and universities offer programmes in English, French or German.

Target group:

International students

Scholarship value/inclusions:

The scholarship includes monthly stipend (app. 250 for undergraduate), full tuition fee, free 1-year Turkish language course, free state-run dormitory accommodation, round-trip air ticket and health insurance.


To be eligible for postgraduate programmes, applicants must;

•  be a citizen of a country other than Turkey (Anyone holding or ever held Turkish citizenship before cannot apply)
•  not be a registered student in Turkish universities at the level of study they are applying
•  be have graduated or are likely to graduate from a secondary education institution,
•  be under the age of 21 (no earlier than 01.01.1993),
•  have at least specified (% 90 for medical sciences, % 70 for other undergraduate programs) cumulative grade point average, diploma grade, nationalexam or international exam score
•  be in good health

Application instructions:

Türkiye Scholarships include both scholarship and university placement at the same time. Applicants will be placed in a university and programme among their preferences specified in the online application form. Application form and required documents should be submitted by 19 May 2014.

It is important to visit the official website (links found below)to access the online application form and for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.


Official Scholarship Website: http://www.turkiyeburslari.org/index.php/en/

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The Turkish Scholarship 2016/2017


It’s one of the most comprehensive scholarships all over the World for distinguishes are provided for students. There are 6 Turkish Universities have been chosen of 500 hundreds around the world.

These advantages are as follow:-

  1. Providing residences for free in students’ Hospitality, otherwise there another option if they prefer to get their own place.
  2. Providing Health Insurance as well. To get medical care in the governmental hospitals. This feature without charge except some places where fees are not mentioned.
  3. Providing a complementary year for studying Turkish language in one of the best institutes in Turkey meanwhile they are able to continue studying in their faculties and having all characteristics of their scholarship.
  4. Providing Air-line round up trip tickets after finishing their stages of studies.
  5. Enjoying obtaining student residence, deduction card for transportation and a visitor card for visiting monuments and Archaeological sites with no charge.
  6. Students are not to be paid tuition fees.
  7. Having salaries for all educational stages such as:-
  8. For Bachelor Stage: inquiring Ɫ 550 per month equivalent to $250.
  9. For Master Stage: inquiring Ɫ 800 per month equivalent to $375.
  10. For Doctoral Stage: inquiring Ɫ 1100 per month equivalent to $500.
  11. For Research Stage: inquiring Ɫ 2000 per month equivalent to $900.

Criteria of Bachelor Students:

  1. Students are not being engaged in one of the same admit course.
  2. It is not allowed for Scholarship submission stage to be the same stage of graduation or pre graduate ones.

In more details; to be able to apply for the Turkish scholarship, you have to apply a certificate to prove that you’re in the second year of the secondary school with a grade not less than 70% a minimum.

  1. Bachelor candidates’ ages are not to be less than 21 years old on 1/1/1995.
  2. The rate in secondary school is not to be less than 70 %.
  3. Candidates for medical categories as medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacology; rates in secondary school should not be less than 90 % a minimum.

Required Documents:

  1. Secondary stage certificate.
  2. Ratified score statement.
  3. A copy of the passport.
  4. A blue or white background photograph for candidates.

Criteria of Master Students:

  1. Master candidates’ ages are not to be less than 30 years old on 1/1/1986.
  2. The rate in Bachelor stage is not to be less than 75 %.

Required Documents:

  1. Bachelor stage certificate with score statement.
  2. Secondary stage certificate with score statement.
  3. A report in English language consists of one or two pages explaining the reasons of choosing Turkey for studying.
  4. A copy of the passport.
  5. A blue or white background photograph for candidates.
  6. A recommendation letter.

Criteria of Doctoral Students:

  1. Doctoral candidates’ ages are not to be more than 35 years old on 1/1/1981.
  2. The rate in Master stage is not to be less than 75 %.

Required Documents:

  1. Secondary stage certificate with score statement.
  2. Bachelor stage certificate with score statement.
  3. Master stage certificate with score statement.
  4. Briefs of the Master theses.
  5. Two recommendation letters provided by the academic professors of the Master.
  6. A copy of the passport.
  7. A blue or white background photograph for candidates.

Approaches for admission

            There are two ways for admission either by the official site of the scholarship or by OK TAMAM providing services.

Characteristics of admission through OK TAMAM GROUP

  • We are arguing you to submit directly via the scholarship website, otherwise you will through us to save time and opportunities for accept are available just in return of $ 100 due to we have experts. In other hand we are not guarantee you to be accepted. Participating in OK TAMAM GROUP for international scholarship will provide opportunities to obtain one worldwide; because we have a membership in ErasmusAuthorization which it supervises all global scholarships. Once scholarships are existed we admit all candidates’ files.
  • Registration is available for three domestic Universities (optional) or for three YOS Exams in domestic Universities (optional).
  • Applying Letter of Intent with Electronic application and explaining reasons of choosing Turkey for completing studying. OK TAMAM will serve you providing you this letter according to scientific criteria where it makes it considerably evaluated by the scholarship’s administration.  
  • Inquiring a student card’s membership private number will make you react and follow up with OK TAMAM

Evaluating Admission Files by the Management of Scholarship

First stage: It will take about 2 or four months, during this period:-

  1. Applying evaluation for the academic performance of student referring to score statements and GPA of the last semester.
  2. Last activity of the planned subject that has been done by the candidate.
  3. Candidate linguistics skills.
  4. Applying Letter of Intent with Electronic application and explaining reasons of choosing Turkey for completing studying. OK TAMAM will serve you providing you this letter according to scientific criteria where it makes it considerably evaluated by the scholarship’s administration.

Second stage: Results will be sent for all candidates generally. But the approved candidates, who are chosen in the first stage, will date appointment for interview. During the interview they will deliver approval results. Procedures for travelling to Turkey will be sent by E-mail.

Protocol of the interview

It will go in following manners:-

  1. Welcome statement and Introduction

The scholarship committee presents itself and explaining how the interview will go, then you will be asked introducing yourself.

  1. Verifying of the original documents.

While introducing yourself, a member of the committee will check your documents.

  1. Motivation

You will be asked to explain your motivation for studying abroad; specifically in Turkey, any other reasons as well and the prospective plans.

  1. Academic Knowledge and professional targets

This stage is to assess academic knowledge and prospective plans. So you will be asked about section that you had or shall be studied both or either of them.  

  1. Completing the interview and Inquiries

At the end of the interview the committee will inform you how to obtain the final result, in other hand you able to ask any questions.

Scholarship Categories

Scholarship program divides into four categories that are suitable for all candidates all over the world in different levels. Each category has its program which providing various suitable opportunities for All candidates’ level.

The first Category: Bachelor stage (Preliminary stage)

·        Balkan countries’Scholarship.

·        Black Sea Region’ Scholarship.

·        Harran’Scholarship.

·        Spoken Turkish Countries’Scholarship.

·        Turkish Africans’Scholarship.

·        Bosphorus’Scholarship.

The Second Category: Postgraduate‘ Scholarship

1.  IbnKhaldun’Scholarship for Social Science.

2.  Ali kushchu’ Scholarship.

It’s to provide POST GRADUATE candidates to study social sciences such as:- International Relations, Economics, Journalism, Political Science, Business, Area studies, Finance, Historical, Sociology, International Law, Archaeology, International Trade, Media, Cultural Studies and many other disciplines.

The Third Category: Scholarship based on the subject:

1.  Avicenna “IbnSINA”‘Scholarship for Medical Science.

2.  Islamic Studies’ Scholarship.

3.  Yunus Emre’ Scholarship for Turkish language.

The Fourth Category: Short run Scholarship

1.  Supporting’ Scholarship.

2.  Research’ scholarship.

3.  Success’ scholarship.

4.  Scholarship for Turkish Language & Culture.





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