Wattpad Story Titles In Essays

Heart of a saint, life of a sinner

Broken without you

Romance monsters

A match made in hell

Overlooked love

Easily broken

Love Together, Be With You Never.

Your love is never good enough

Guilty love

Partners in our crime

Broken heart

Same old love

Waiting for forever

Love shy

Wicked games

Every memory reminds me of you

Ain't nobody

All cried out

Am I wrong

My future is shrouded in dark wilderness


Everything has changed

Blame it on me

Pray to god

Wildest dreams

Sunshine is far away, rain clouds linger on

Limit without glory

Sounds of history

My heart will go on

Searching for Shadows

What's wrong

I'd rather die

Unexpected guest

Finally over

Blood red, Snow white

The lasting effect of a single word

The rain hides anything

Nightmare interrupted

Peaceful death

Strum my pain

Mistakes were made

I don't care what the say

Every tear a waterfall

Out of my reach

Life goes on

Lost without you

Love passed by

Love on the line

Replacement girl

Don't need pity

No wings to fly

Heal my wounds

Your love is killing me

Trust is earned, not given

Forbidden love

It can only get better

Crying blood, Bleeding tears

Fallen too far

The edge of never

Bleeding from your love

Say you were wrong

Always waiting


Though this book has side purposes, but its main purpose is to give you a title that you are desperately searching for. You can use any except that please remember to vote and comment to let me know which title your are using. Its always nice to see one's hard work paying off. Please do not pm or write on my profile asking me if you can use. I have already stated the terms.
I really hope you find the desired title but please remember that no matter how good your title of the book is, what matters the most is the content and whether its up to the mark.


Angels in the sky

Keeping Memories

A secret Worth Telling

Just like an angel

Red balloons in the sky


My endless journey

Journey from hatred to love

Wish you could see me

It never remains the same

Three sided love

Tables for three

My choice

Her/His choice

My impossible love

Our love

Revengeful love story


My last hope

My oxygen(might refer to a person whom you cannot live without)

Best friend or more?!

Red sky

The golden days of my life

The best memories with you



History repeats itself

Cliché life and my Corny Love

My last wish

Just you and me

Love behind the bushes

This is not a love story

Today's Romeo and Juliet

The present Romeo and Juliet

Dreamy boys

Behind the door

Lucky to meet you

The Sweet Lie

Thrown Away

What Is Love

Difference In Love

Changing Myself

The Bad Boy Who Fell For Me

Undefeatable Love

Caught In The Storm

My Luck

Brain Or Heart

Easy Love

The Gorgeous Girl I met

The Stupid Challenge

My Last Love

Love,A forbidden Fruit

My Life Through My Diary

My Love Less Life

My Real Happiness

Blind Love

Difference Of Love and Like

10 Days Of Love

10 Days Of Life

The Unpredicted Love

Life Without Love

Forced Love

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