Chocoberry Case Study Part 2

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Social events are part of our culture. There are office parties, weddings, baby showers, dinners with friends, family celebrations, reunions, pot luck suppers, dinner clubs, etc. When I see those events all listed in one place it makes me stressed. It reminds me of all the office parties and social situations I attended during the 10 years that I struggled with obesity.

Certain social situations were easy. Easy in that I didn’t have a hard time controlling my food intake. Other situations were extremely challenging to me. I fared much better when I was served a preportioned plate, such as at a sit-down wedding. Then I just ate what was offered and having seconds was out of the question, because it would be embarrassing to ask the server for more food!

I didn’t do so well with events where the food was laid out as pretty as a picture. No – those events were a disaster waiting to happen. It didn’t matter if I were “dieting” or not. When I walked into a room where the food was free for taking any resolve I had possessed during the day disappeared like a mist in the sun. I felt sneaky sometimes as after I went through the line the first time I’d send John or one of the kids back for more cake or cookies. I’d ask other people if they would like something and get their request while at the same time getting something for myself.

Like it or not, the fabric of our lives includes social events. I think that learning to handle ourselves with regards to food at these kinds of functions is vital to our weight loss AND weight maintenance success. Here are my top 10 tips for handling social food situations while trying to eat right.

10 Tips for Social Eating

  1. If you can, bring one or more of the dishes. This puts you in the driver’s seat.
  2. Don’t be afraid to call ahead and ask what’s planned for the menu. Then you can decide ahead of time what you will eat.
  3. Drink up before you go. This helps you feel more full.
  4. Use the smallest plate available, or if none is available, visually divide your plate in half and only fill up half.
  5. Focus on the healthier options that are there. Try your best to ignore the fried chicken, and instead gravitate towards the fruit or veggie tray.
  6. Don’t go back for seconds, unless it’s for more salad!
  7. Ask your spouse or friend to be your accountability partner if that would help you.
  8. Have a snack on the way there. Arriving at a function starving is a recipe for disaster.
  9. Rate the tempting foods. If they aren’t a “10” in your book, then pass completely.
  10. Don’t be afraid to say no. It’s your body and your weight. Don’t let other people push food on you.

In addition to the above tips, I think that planning ahead as best as you can is vital to coming through social situations unscathed and victorious.

Question: What events “get you” and how do you attend them without going off your plan?Diane

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