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The 2005 young adult science fiction novel Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld, is a take on the age-old theme suggesting that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” It takes place in a dystopian society three centuries in the future. It is a time when everyone, upon turning sixteen, is surgically altered to be “pretty.” The central storyline focuses on Tally Youngblood, a girl just about to turn sixteen, who, at the urging of new friends Shay and David, decides to rebel against the conformity that society demands. Struggles over physical changes are accompanied by emotional turmoil as well. Uglies was the first book in a trilogy that later became a four-book series. The other companion titles are Pretties, Specials, and Extras.

The society in which Uglies takes place formed when a bacterium contaminated the world’s oil supply, leading to widespread instability. The formerly oil-dependent world could not thrive.  People who lived prior to the incident are referred to as Rusties. The story opens with Tally on the cusp of her sixteenth birthday and anxiously awaiting the operation that will make her “pretty.” After receiving these operations, the Pretties cross over a river that separates them from their former section of society. There they will have a new life, free from responsibilities. Two further operations exist. One changes Pretties into Middle-Pretties, who are employed adults, and the other turns Middle-Pretties into what are known as Crumblies. Crumblies are older Pretties; the term is often used by young groups in reference to their parents, who are Middle-Pretties.  Tally’s friend Peris recently received his operation and has already crossed the river. In an effort to see him, Tally secretly crosses the river and enters New Pretty Town. She meets an Ugly there named Shay, who teaches her to use a hoverboard. He then indoctrinates her into the concept of rebelling against the sixteenth birthday operation. She pays the idea little mind but shortly thereafter, on their shared birthday, she finds a note from Shay, who has fled, asking her to meet him at a settlement called the Smoke, where those trying to escape the operation gather together.

On the day Tally is to be operated on, she is brought to a place called Special Circumstances that

is headed by a heartless woman named Dr. Cable. Dr. Cable tells Tally that she will never become a Pretty if she does not aid in locating Shay and the Smoke. Tally goes along with the request, and is given supplies and a tracking device, which is located in a locket and when activated will reveal the location of the Smoke to Cable. Using clues that Shay has left her, Tally heads for the Smoke, where she finds Shay, David (another friend), and a group of runaway Uglies. She soon realizes that David is in love with her, and goes with him to meet his parents.  His parents, Maddy and Az, were the first to flee the city. They tell Tally that the cosmetic surgery to transform Uglies into Pretties is not just for physical appearance. It changes the brain to make people sedate. Tally decides that she will not reveal the location of the Smokes, and throws the tracking locket into a fire. The heat, however, activates the tracker, and their location is identified.

The next day Special Circumstances arrives and Tally tries to escape. She is captured and taken to a pen already holding Smokies who have been caught. Scans are able to reveal the cities from which the escapees had come. Cable does not know that the tracker was activated accidentally in a fire, and orders Tally to get it. This gives Tally the opportunity to escape on a hoverboard. A long chase ensues and she is able to hide in a cave, where she finds David. They devise a plan.   The pair goes to David’s house to retrieve a secret cache of survival supplies. They return to the city to rescue their friend, and en route acknowledge their love for one another. When they get back, they find that Shay has been transformed into a Pretty. David knocks out Cable and takes a tablet from her that has the data needed to reverse the brain activity that the operation causes.  They free the Smokies but learn from Maddy that Az has died. Maddy begins devising a cure from Cable’s information but Shay refuses it, fearing what the outcome might be. Tally offers to become a Pretty and then take the cure, to see what the result will be. Tally explains to David what her involvement with Special Circumstances was. Maddy tells Tally and Shay to return to the city they came from. They return to the city they rebelled against, but Tally, who had wanted to be a Pretty, no longer wants that. The final line of the book, however, makes it clear that Tally has a plan and that there is more to come, as she says, “I’m Tally Youngblood. Make me pretty.”

Uglies Essay

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Chelsea Dowding-Hopkins
Year 9 – Mrs Graham
INS essay
Uglies by Scott Westerfield
One of the main themes in Scott Westerfield’s text Uglies is the conflict teenagers have with where they stand in society and learning to respect and value themselves. Using examples from the text compare them with today’s world for teenagers.
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Uglies illustrates many issues that young teenagers will go through in life. The reader has an insight of three main characters and their struggles to fit in to certain societies and others. They are Tally, Shay and David. “Is it not good to make a society full of beautiful people?” (p.1), the first line of the text Uglies foreshadows exactly what the main theme of the book…show more content…

Westerfield perfectly portrays how we, as a society, see beauty. We see beauty as perfection, not a line out of place, and this judgement came about due to our desire for perfection. When picking up any magazine the front page is bound to be altered to show us how we should look. Gone are the days where voluptuous, well rounded women are considered to be goddesses. People in today’s society see models and movie stars starve themselves until they believe they are beautiful and Westerfield plays on this throughout the entire text. Tally sees herself as ugly because she does not notice anything good about her, until she meets David. When anyone compliments Tally she refuses to believe it as the truth, and it is unlikely that she has ever felt attractive in her whole life. Westerfield only describes Tally the way she sees herself and although it is in the third person the reader is given certain knowledge about what goes on through Tally’s mind which the reader does not have for any other character. At the beginning of the text the reader is led to believe that Pretties have the idealistic life; beautiful with not a care in the world but the reader may feel discomfort with how superficial it all seems. Nothing is wrong with the way Tally looks and the reader can presume that she is quite naturally attractive after receiving several compliments from two

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