Essayage Definition Of Democracy

  • Thanks to Roucha, there’s now a new light shining on the possibilities of democratic high fashion.

    —brooke bobb, Vogue, "Roucha is a New Label Designed to Fit All Women, Not Just Those Who Are 6-Foot Tall and Thin,"26 Feb. 2018

  • To restore the Republican Party to health, defined as being committed to some baseline relationship with reality and a commitment to democratic governing norms, requires freeing it from conservatism’s grip.

    —jonathan chait, Daily Intelligencer, "Donald Trump Is the Most Pure Conservative President Ever,"23 Feb. 2018

  • More likely, Americans will have to learn to live with partisan media, which is the norm in most democracies, just as conflict and contestation are democratic norms (consensus politics deprives voters of meaningful choices).

    —lee drutman, New Republic, "Learning to Trust Again,"23 Feb. 2018

  • This is the GOP in 2018 in a nutshell: a party utterly contemptuous of democratic norms and palpably terrified of an even remotely fair political fight.

    —scott lemieux, The New Republic, "The GOP Is Scared of a Fair Fight,"23 Feb. 2018

  • The survivors are refusing to accept this tragedy as helpless victims, and instead demanding that their voices be heard as democratic participants.

    —lauren duca, Teen Vogue, "High Schoolers Getting Political Should Come as No Surprise,"23 Feb. 2018

  • Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is a democratic senator from New York.

    —Marie Claire, "In the Wake of the #MeToo Movement, What Are the New Rules?,"6 Feb. 2018

  • Also at stake is one of the continent’s fastest-growing economies, as well as ties with the EU, which is already at loggerheads with Poland and Hungary over democratic norms.

    —andra timu,, "Daring Protesters, Romania Picks Tainted Officials for Cabinet,"26 Jan. 2018

  • The statement could even be read to posit that the courtship of the prince and the actress was more democratic than the world outside that relationship.

    —michael joseph gross, Town & Country, "How Commoners Are Saving the Royal Families of Europe,"17 Jan. 2018

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