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The Board of Directors and staff at the Jane-Finch Reaching Up have pledged their care and commitment to the Jane and Finch community. They have worked diligently and resourcefully to improve the wellbeing of the families that seek their assistance. As a team, they gather strength, vigor, courage and wisdom from each other to solidify the hope that they pass on to those who entrust their children in their care.

Jemima Harrison
Homework Club Coordinator

Contact:   Email -    Phone: 647-284-0515

Noah is a central figure for the Reaching UP Homework Club after-school program. As the Program Coordinator for the Homework Club, he manages the program to meet the diverse needs of the children and families in the community.

Music School Coordinator

Ae Lyung (Elizabeth) Kim-Lee Contact:    Email -    Phone: 647-746-7380

Elizabeth Kim is the central figure in the implementation of the Reaching UP Music School training program. As the Music School Director, Elizabeth is dedicated to sharing with children her love of music. Elizabeth has earned a Bachelor of Music degree and a Masters in Piano Performance. She and her husband, Moses, who plays the saxophone, have three children, Kristeen, Cathy, and Amy.

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What is Reaching Up Ministry?


        University Presbyterian Church (UPC) is located in the center of the Jane/Finch community, with a number of elementary schools and tall apartment buildings nearby. Jane and Finch is a neighborhood located in northwestern Toronto. It is a very diverse neighborhood that has one of the highest proportions of youth, sole-supported families, refugees and immigrants and public housing tenants of any community in Toronto.

         In 2007, the UPC Mission Group had interviewed a number of organizations that have After School programs and have reviewed the needs assessment written by Jill Koller (M.Ed). Jill, commissioned by a coalition of local churches and World Vision, conducted a youth needs and resources survey of the Jane/Finch community from August to October 2006. She interviewed the executive directors and front-line staff of most of the social agencies working in the community, read previous community assessments, and interviewed 73 residents – including children, youth and parents. She notes, 'parents and guardians feel After School programs, and education in general are important in giving the children in the Jane-Finch Community bright future.'

        Following up the initial preparation, UPC launched the "Anti-Poverty Working Group".  It ventured to develop relevant programs in which the church could better support members of the Jane and Finch community. The primary concern targeted by the group was the need to support children and enrich their literacy. The Reaching Up Ministry was created as a result of this vision. 

        Though its roots are in the University Church community, in 2013, Reaching Up became a separate organization with its own board, staff and volunteers. Jane-Finch Reaching Up now operates two programs, a Homework Club and a Music School.

        The objective of Reaching Up is to promote educational excellence as the ultimate solution to overcoming poverty and violence in the community. The Homework Club and Music School are two key sections to the threefold program that is determined to sever the cords of hopelessness among families seeking enriched experiences for their children. 


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