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Kashmir Issue and Mediation Essay

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Kashmir Issue and Mediation

The record of the international mediation (Third Party role), or meditative interventions in regard to the Kashmir dispute is clearly mixed: These interventions achieved both some successes and some failures. Among the successes were the cease-fire and truce agreements, arranged by UNCIP in 1948 and 1949.The cease-fire agreement did not hold for long, and peacekeeping operation that emerged from it failed in large measure to keep the peace. But that failure can hardly be charged exclusively against the United Nations. Among the UN's failures were the several attempts to mediate the Kashmir dispute by UN representatives between 1950 and 1958.[1]

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Both sides have been acutely conscious of the dangers inherent in mediation exercises, among them mediator's own (and not necessarily compatible) political agenda; and both sides have also been painfully aware that even successful mediation, if it exposed them to charges of a sellout, could lead to domestic political disaster. Neither side's direct experience so far of mediation would in any way have altered those perceptions. Pakistan, in particular, had very little to show for their reliance on world sympathies save for a rather diluted and ambiguous international commitment to the "self-determination" of Kashmir. Nevertheless, it has long been clear that Pakistan government, the holder of the weaker hand in the Kashmir conflict, has been far more willing than its India to gamble on international involvement.

In his last visit of America Khurshid M Kasuri, the Pakistani foreign minister, said in Washington Pakistan welcomes mediation, pressure, facilitation, encouragement or any such other role of the United States and the rest of the international community in resolving the Kashmir issue[3].

Pakistan have clung tenaciously, of course, to the Security Council Resolution that initially defined the UN's responsibilities in regard to Kashmir and in particular have given unequivocal support to prospective UN supervision of a

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