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An insightful, charming, and absolutely fascinating memoir from the author of the popular New York Times essay, “To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This,” (one of the top five most popular New York Times pieces of 2015) explores the romantic myths we create and explains how they limit our ability to achieve and sustain intimacy.

What really makes love last? Does love ever work the way we say it does in movies and books and Facebook posts? Or does obsessing over those love stories hurt our real-life relationships? When her parents divorced after a twenty-eight year marriage and her own ten-year relationship ended, those were the questions that Mandy Len Catron wanted to answer.

In a series of candid, vulnerable, and wise essays that takes a closer look at what it means to love someone, be loved, and how we present our love to the world, Catron deconstructs her own personal canon of love stories. She delves all the way back to 1944, when her grandparents first met in a coal mining town in Appalachia, to her own dating life as a professor in Vancouver, drawing insights from her fascinating research into the universal psychology, biology, history, and literature of love. She uses biologists’ research into dopamine triggers to ask whether the need to love is an innate human drive. She uses literary theory to show why we prefer certain kinds of love stories. She urges us to question the unwritten scripts we follow in relationships and looks into where those scripts come from in the first place. And she tells the story of how she decided to test a psychology experiment that she’d read about—where the goal was to create intimacy between strangers using a list of thirty-six questions—and ended up in the surreal situation of having millions of people following her brand-new relationship.

In How to Fall in Love with Anyone Catron flips the script on love and offers a deeply personal, and universal, investigation.

Romantic Love Letters To Copy

Our Romantic Love Letters To Copy are special letters written for special people, like you and your loved ones. Positive affirmations of love

combined with warmth and affection can ignite passion when all else fails...and the letters below are the perfect elixirs in which to get it done. So, go ahead - be spontaneous, surprising and unpredictable. Ready?  Here we go!

The Irresistible You 
Baby, I am addicted to you and all you have to offer. You're irresistible and I never get enough of you. Not only are you the most attractive man I …

Write A Love Letter 
Need to Write a Love Letter? This one - Romance, Roses and Red Lights - is unconventional but wistfully romantic. Let me know if you like it. **** …

Just Because I Love You 
I'm writing this letter, though it's not your birthday. It's not Christmas and it's not Valentines day either. I didn't stay out too late last night, and …

How To Write Love Letters  
"Me and You" is a dynamic template for "How To Write Love Letters" that is content based but with a decidedly rhythmical sing song quality about it. Here …

The One I Cherish...Don't Cry Alone 
When I first laid eyes on you I knew that you were the one - but it could never be. In fact, it was almost torture to see you walk by me everyday knowing …

Olive Juice Popeye 
I have missed you all these long cold nights that you have been away. How I wish that I could be wrapped in your strong arms once more. The smell of your …

To My Ever Loving Husband  
Dear Husband – I could start with the cliché of, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” But I assure you that if I tried to do that, we’d be here …

My Poochie Pooh 
Hey Poochie Pooh: You know what? I just can’t get you out of my head. Th though of you keeps flashing like a 90W bulb - every minute! So damn crazy...and …

Do you know how much I love you? 
You don't know how much I care but, maybe after reading this you will. I don't know why, or how I love you so much, but with every breath I want to spend …

A Love That Will Never Fade  
You waited so patiently for me to grow up and accept TRUE love. When I finally did it was an experience that words can not describe. Similar to those who …

My Bhoganvilla 
My Dear Saneesh...I miss you - a lot. I want to be with you and hold you. I want to gently touch your face and cup your cheek in my hand as I look into …

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