Music Essay Topic Ideas

A List Of Original Persuasive Essay Topics On The Subject Of Music

The writing of a persuasive essay requires a unique set of skills. One must not only understand the given topic but be able to describe a particular stance on it in such a way that it convinces people that the writer’s expressed view is correct. For people who are unaccustomed to structuring balanced and proven arguments, this can be a bit of a challenge.

On the topic of music, there is so much that is subjective that it becomes even more difficult to convince others that one viewpoint is definitely accurate rather than another. This can come with practice over time.

The topics listed below can be used to gain that practice:

  1. What was the process by which note values were given different names in different cultures and is one superior to the other?
  2. Does the increased use of the flats and sharps in Middle Eastern and Indian scales reflect the theatrical traditions of those regions?
  3. Would Rock and Roll have been able to evolve its driving rhythms without the influence of African drumming techniques?
  4. Can all people learn to play and appreciate music or are some not at least minimally talented?
  5. Can the pursuit of classical music full time be considered a viable career path?
  6. Should music literacy be made a mandatory component of all school curricula?
  7. Are percussionist truly musicians?
  8. Is the pursuit of studies in Classical Music purposefully made unappealing to people of lower socio economic status?
  9. Are children better off studying dance or music?
  10. Has the lack of complexity in modern pop music affected the standard of musicianship many newcomers aspire to?
  11. Can humans with normal hearing live productive lives in the complete absence of music?
  12. Has music been more successful as a tool for peace or as a motivator for war?
  13. Do trained musicians have more fulfilling lives than other people?
  14. Should music be considered a language by linguists?
  15. Has music experienced an evolution or a devolution over the past century?

There are many ways to think of the subject of music. It has such a clear impact on every facet of life that it is almost impossible to find a field in which it does not appear in some way. By writing about these topics, more information can be gathered on the way it is thought to affect us over time.

Music essays are appropriate for many different subjects. Whether you’re documenting the history of jazz or reflecting on how music has changed your life, music essay topics can be as diverse as the music itself.

Music – Definition Essay

Music is an art, but with it comes complex terminology that has been written about for centuries. A music definition essay should explain or a categorize concepts so the reader can understand it. Some ideas:

  • Elements: Rhythm, melody or harmony
  • Periods: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical or Romantic
  • Tempo: adagio, andante or allegra
  • Instruments: stringed instruments, woodwinds, brass, percussion

Music – Comparison Topics

Music has been a celebration of life — in all its diverse forms — for thousands of years. This gives you a rich palette of topics for a compare and contrast essay. Here are some ideas:

  • Music in different cultures. Compare and contrast the music of Asian, African and Western cultures.
  • Musical styles. Compare and contrast two or more different music styles — jazz, rock, hip-hop, classical, swing, blues or country — paying particular attention to the structure, rhythm, melodies and meter used.
  • Musicians. Choose two musicians, then compare their upbringing, education and music legacy.

Music – Persuasive Topics

It’s easy enough to find someone who loves (or hates) a certain genre of music, but there are lots of other argumentative topics that make great music essays, including:

  • Censorship
  • Piracy and illegal downloading
  • The impact of music on criminality
You can also take another style of essay — for example, a comparison between two musicians — and persuade your readers that yours is the superior viewpoint.

Music – Reflective Essay

Most people have been exposed to music throughout their lives, whether by listening to music or by playing their own instrument. Choose a defining moment in your life that was affected by music and describe how it has changed your life. These types of essays are especially useful for music scholarships or contests.

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