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This is the latex template for my PhD thesis. I commented the latex prologue and tried to keep it as simple as possible, so it can be easily understood and extended. The template holds dummy text with examples for creating tables, figures, index and glossary.



The template includes a Makefile that creates three files:

  • thesis.dvi for fast previewing with hyperlinks in b/w
  • thesis.ps for printing in b/w (without any hyperlinks)
  • thesis.pdf for online viewing with hyperlinks in color

Organization of the Template

  • Makefile governs the compiliation; target: , and
  • thesis.tex holds everything together and includes
    • titlepage.tex
    • abstract.tex
    • acknowledge.tex
    • body.tex
  • thesis-man.ist for custom formatting of index (letter heading, dots)
  • references.bib for the bibtex bibliography


  • the dvi and pdf files are fully hyperlinked
    • table of contents to chapters in the text
    • list of figures to figures in the text
    • list of tables to tables in the text
    • text to floats (figures and tables)
    • text to bibliograpy
    • bibliograpy to page in the text (not dvi version)
    • index to page in the text
    • glossary to page in the text
  • acrobat general information (pdf version, only)
    • thesis title
    • thesis subject
    • thesis author
    • thesis keyword
  • acrobat reader features (pdf version, only)
    • preview images are included
    • bookmarks: the bookmark includes not only links to numbered chapters, but also to unnumbered chapters (title, table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, acknowledgement, abstract, bibliograpy, index and glossary)
  • small pdf file size


I changed (but not necessarily improved) the standard latex layout by using bars over chapter titles etc. This can be easily undone by deleting thesis.cls and changing in thesis.tex style to style .

Required Software

  • a flavor of unix for the makefile
  • latex and pdflatex
  • non-standard packages: these packages are becomming less common and may not be included in your latex distribution:
    • glossary for generating a glossary (a quick workaround is to save a copy of glossary.sty in the same directory as your thesis)
    • aeguill for improving pdf font rendering (a quick workaround is to save a copy of aeguill.sty in the same directory as your thesis)
  • make
  • ghostscript (thumbpdf)
  • optional: zip and ps2ascii

Last time I tried to compile this template was in May 2013 and it worked with these caveats:

  • FreeBSD 9.0 w/ the print/teTeX port and a copy of glossary.sty in the same directory as the thesis
  • Debian 7.0 w/ the texlive and texlive-latex-extra packages as well as copies of glossary.sty and aeguill.sty in the same directory as the thesis (the latter package was available in previous releases)
  • NetBSD/pkgsrc 2013Q1 has an open bug in thumbpdf [pkg/47936].

To MikTeX users: the makefile has some nice goodies which will perhaps be missing when using MikTeX (the makefile drives generating the different features in the dvi, ps and pdf version and adds preview images for acrobat reader). The template should work with MikTeX, but all problem reports have been from MikTeX users, only. Watch your steps. Could any MikTeX user give me feedback on encountered issues and how to overcome them, please?


  • 2, 3 mm less top-margin on the index page (I recommend not creating an index page, anway. that is too much work)
  • before compiling dvi, ps or pdf, sometimes a may be necessary


You are welcome to send me comments. Contact information is available on the main page.

Things to keep in mind as you work towards submitting your dissertation for evaluation and for your trial lecture and defence.Norsk versjon - Sjekkliste for innlevering av doktoravhandling.

Looking for something else? Topic page about PhD | Pages labeled with PhD.

Submit your dissertation #

Before you can submit your dissertation, you must have completed the academic training component of your PhD with a minimum of 30 study credits.

You must include the following in your application to have your dissertation evaluated:

  • Your dissertation, in an approved format. The submission must be in accordance with NTNU's requirements, and the format and the number of copies must be in accordance with the faculty's requirements.
  • Documentation that shows you have met admissions criteria  (See PhD candidate regulations, admissions criteria, §5.1 (in Norwegian).
  • Co-author statements, if required under dissertation requirements § 10.1 (in Norwegian).
  • Declaration that the dissertation is being submitted for evaluation for the first or second time.
  • Declaration that your dissertation is not being submitted for evaluation for the first or second time.
  • Declaration that your disseration has not been submitted to another institution for evaluation
  • Statement from your main supervisor

Here is an example of what you can write in terms of authorship in the forward:


I performed all work on which this thesis is based. (Name) contributed significantly to the planning and running of the experiment in paper I, and (Name) and (Name) contributed to the planning of the experiments in paper II, III and IV and where involved in the final stages of writing for all the papers in the thesis

Source: Submission - Guidelines for PhD candidates at NTNU, §13  (currently in Norwegian)English version, Guidelines for PhD candidates (whole document, as pdf)

Apply for assessment of your dissertation #

Application for assessment of your doctoral dissertation: doc / pdf

The application must be sent to the faculty with the form that names the members of your committee at least three months before your defence. You must also submit at least five copies of your dissertation in a print-ready form:

  • 3 copies for committee members
  • 1 for your supervisor
  • 1 for the department/faculty as an attachment to the application

You must also submit an electronic copy of your dissertation (in pdf format) to your department.

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